On Your Mark – Get Set – Go Green!

There are numerous facets to working with green design – creating a healthy environment, reusing furniture and accessories to extend their lifecycle, and designing for longevity, to name a few.  These techniques are also inherent qualities to my approach with interior design.  

As I have mentioned before, it’s impossible to be 100% green.  Each product has it’s green advantages and disadvantages.  The trick is to find the best balance for each individual client.  To complicate matters, rising awareness and preference for using green products has lead to “Green Washing”.  This term describes false or exaggerated claims of environmental friendliness.  So how do you make the best choices?  Aside from hiring your’s truly, organizations such as USGBC (US Green Building Council) help by certifying fact from fiction.  To learn more, I recommend GreenHomeGuide.com.  Their article “Navigating the Flooring Thicket: Finding the Greenest Way to Meet Your Needs” is excellent.

Go Green!


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