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another solid summer

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Months have passed since my last post.  I could have backdated this entry and no one would have been the wiser, but my guilt has got the best of me.

June came and went with bittersweet swiftness.  Aside from the customary hiking, kayaking, and household chores, June included an idyllic honeymoon vacation, out-of-state family visitors, and a reunion of monumental proportions (152 relatives, color coded by family - of course).  Sadly, June also marked the sudden passing of a dear friend and mentor.  ”We were but stones…. his light made us stars.”

July, as it so happens, seems to have passed with a unique velocity all it’s own.  It should come as no surprise that mourning a friend, working two jobs, and the brilliant blessing of a new puppy all equate to a month of blurred memories.

And so we find ourselves in August – but it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet.  Despite the early arrival of cooler temperatures, there is still time left to enjoy summer.

carpe diem


so long, farewell…

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

For the last 4 1/2 years, I have been part of something wonderful.  Company C is a colorful home furnishings retailer based out of Concord, NH (believe it or not).  With a strong web presence and distributors across the country, they specialize in unique area rugs, textiles, furniture, and more.

To supplement my design business in it’s infancy, I have been working part-time at Company C’s flagship store.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to mature in confidence, refine my customer service skills, and foster an expertise in furniture and various textiles.  Overall I am grateful to Company C for the chance to develop my talent as a designer, as well as create several extraordinary friendships.

But alas, all good things must come to an end.

As of last week, I have moved on from Company C.  I am now the newest member of the  Cedar Mill Group, Inc., a local design/build/remodeling company I have come to know quite well over the years.

As their in house design consultant, I will be involved in CAD drawing, contributing to design details and space planning, as well as working with clients to select materials, finishes, and fixtures.   Clearly this is an exciting and exceptional opportunity for me to grow as a designer regarding the various facets of construction and remodeling.

Aside from this (the big changes I had eluded to last time), not much has changed for Lavender & Lotus.  I am still active with clients in updating/improving their homes and offices, and look forward to the new design opportunities yet to be discovered.

Until next time my peeps – Peace :)


Friday, February 14th, 2014

L’amour fait tourner le monde…  (It’s love that makes the world go around).

There is something especially sweet about your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple…   Life is wonderfully wonderful for me lately.  Lots of changes are on the horizon – I will be sure to update you in the very near future. :)

In the meantime, wishing you all a magical day of love.


happy, happy, happy

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

2013 was a year of love and celebration for me as I marked two major life accomplishments – getting married and buying my first house.  Day 2 of 2014, I already feel that there is something different about this year.  I’m not quite sure if it’s a new sense of determination, the evolution of my own self-awareness, or simply a matter of being another year older/wiser.  Whatever the case may be, I greet this day and year with optimism, enthusiasm, and purpose.

Wishing you all a very happy new year!


merry little Christmas

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013

As the name implies, Thanksgiving brings a collective experience of gratitude. This Christmas I am overwhelmed with a powerful sense of love…

Wishing you all a joyous holiday! ~ Aimee


attitude of gratitude

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

(Holy cow, is it really Thanksgiving already?!)

What an incredible year it has been.  Today I am thankful for …

… my patient and clever husband…  my hilarious, beloved family…  for the courage to run my own business…  for awesome clients and supportive business partners who keep me in business…  for the ability to laugh at myself…  for the power of choice…  for sweet cats with big personalities…  for an appetite to learn and grow…  for a creative mind…  for beautiful things… for flavored coffee…  crockpot meals…  chocolate anything…  for Masterpiece Theater (PBS is amazing!), New Girl, SYTYCD, and Duck Dynasty…  for Paul Simon, Ani Difranco, Mumford & Sons, and Bonnie Raitt…  for my adorable, work-in-progress house…  and for caffeinated bursts of productivity…

Wishing you all a very happy day!



Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween everyone :)

wedding gratitude

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

As a small business owner, it was important for me to support other small businesses as vendors for my wedding.  And I have to say, they ROCKED IT.  With a humble and grateful heart, I’d like to thank those who helped make our wedding day happen.

PhotographyChristine Tilley Photography.  Meeting Christine was a homerun and a half.  Not only is she sweet, fun, and easy to be around, but unbelievably talented as well.  This lady has an amazing career ahead of her – you better book her now!

Venue:  Forster’s Wedding & Events.  Aside from the spectacular location, Forster’s offers a package deal to simplify everything for anxious brides.  Tent, tables, chairs, linens, catering, bathrooms – it’s all included.  Of all the wonderful characteristics unique to Forster’s, it is the expertise of their wedding planner Jill Morrow that I found so invaluable. 

FloristSorella Floral Design.  I loved working with and getting to know the Ashton sisters.   These ladies create beautiful, unique, and clever floral designs.  I feel very fortunate to have had such gorgeous arrangements in my price range. 

Wedding Cake:  Cindy Mitchell, The Flour Shop.  What can I say – our carrot cake was DELICIOUS!!!

Bartender:  Brian Stevens, owner of Tandy’s Bar.  Personable and professional.  Brian was also nice enough to bring some extras just in case we ran out.  Thanks again Brian!

Invitations:  friend, Tiffany Williams.  A self-proclaimed whiz with typography, Tiffany is no joke.  She did an amazing job with the invites, and was super patient with me through all my fine-tuning. 

Hair/MakeupSalon Lavena.  Big thanks to Sybil for a beautiful cut and color before the big day.  Even BIGGER thanks to Bianca for her patience, talent, humor, and kindness.  My hair looked a-mazing and the makeup was, in a word, flawless.

Wedding Dress:  via Modern Bride.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Odessa for helping me find the perfect dress!  She and the staff at Modern Bride always made me feel welcome, and seemed to share in my excitement for the big day.  The alterations were impeccable too. 

Groom’s Suit:  via George’s Apparel.  We found a very handsome suit at a very reasonable price at George’s.   The staff were always eager to help and the alterations came out beautifully. 

Rings:  via Capitol Craftsman & Romance Jewelers.  When it comes to customer service, Capitol Craftsman might take the cake.  It took me MONTHS to find the right wedding band, but the staff never once showed the slightest sign of frustration with me.  They are simply wonderful to work with.

What a magical day it was…  I can’t thank you all enough!  <3 Aimee

our Summer of George

Monday, August 12th, 2013

Obscure Seinfeld reference anyone?  Season 8, Episode 22, also known as “The Summer of George:”  a time of great adventure as George enjoys his 3 month severance pay from the Yankees.

Ray and I consider this to be OUR Summer of George.  First a wedding…

Then a house!!!

As you can imagine, I am beyond excited to be in a place all our own.  For the first time in my life I have complete liberty to change the space around me!  That’s pretty monumental for an interior designer.

Overall the house is adorable and nothing like I’ve ever seen.  Although it looks colonial from the front, it is more contemporary with multiple levels inside.  There are so many things we love about it – but probably the fact that it’s our very own.

I’m taking my time to settle in and design each room carefully.  This pace works well for Ray too, as he gets a bit anxious when I brainstorm.    For the most part, the house is pretty turnkey – we’ll paint and add some new furniture – nothing too elaborate this year.

Stay tuned as I slowly fall deeper in love with my new home.  Additional pictures are guaranteed to follow! :)

wedding DIY

Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Early in our engagement, I became quickly OBSESSED with all things wedding.  Researching vendors, brainstorming (and organizing) ideas on Pinterest, consuming every morsel of wedding blogs possible.  It’s hard to say how many weeks or months passed before I looked up from my laptop one evening to see my honey watching me.  I quickly realized that I was so dreamy about the wedding, I had lost focus on my relationship.  For the next several months, I chose to be present with him and enjoy this unique time together.

That is until it was crunch time.  There were many crafty touches to my wedding – let’s begin!

Paper Garland:  One advantage to committing to a DIY project early is that you can keep an eye on craft stores to see when supplies go on sale.   I was able to purchase my scrapbook “Ritz cracker” hole punch and colorful, palette-appropriate cardstock both on sale at Michaels.   Next, I had a volunteer (thanks Mom) go to town punching “Ritz crackers” out of cardstock.   Eventually it came down to Mom at her sewing machine as I “fed” her “crackers” and protected the garland from tangling.  I will say the first batch did get dreadfully tangled, but I was proud of myself for letting go and tossing it, rather than spend ungodly hours trying to salvage the mess.  We found the best way to transport the garland successfully was to wind it around a tube (in our case, an exercise foam roller), and wrap each layer with plastic wrap to prevent the separate layers from tangling.  All in all, super cute and affordable.  (We did toss the garland after the wedding).


Escort cards:  Those who know me best understand that I have an affinity for rocks (a trait I inherited from my father, I suspect).  Therefore it is only fitting that I find some way to tie this fascination into my wedding as well.  This image from was the answer I was looking for. My version involved rocks smoothed by our dearest Atlantic, peach yarn, faux greenery, and a hot glue gun.  Names were printed on cardstock (“Segoe Print” font).


Sweetheart chairs:  Here is an image of inspiration I originally found on  Simple.  Elegant.  Natural.

I found our chairs on the side of the road…  No, I’m not kidding.  They had such a pretty silhouette, I knew they would fix up great.  My advice:

  1. don’t waste your time with sandpaper - go straight to the power tools.
  2. buy more spray paint than you think you will need (3 trips to Michael’s later…) and
  3. don’t wear flip-flops while spray painting.



Directions:  Our FANTASTIC venue was on top of a mountain.  Literally.  My goal was to have some sort of cute sign to help guests find their way.  Here is one example I found on

In the realistic world of wedding DIY, you have to prioritize projects.  This was one that we managed to squeak out, but just barely.  This project looks easy as pie, but living in an apartment without any tools or space where you can really make a mess complicates matters.  We used:  (free) laminate flooring samples from Home Depot, wooden steaks, cardboard to make a stencil, white paint pen, and a staple gun.



Wooden place card holders:  I still don’t know what to call these things – tree circles, wooden wedges, table name tag holders… whatever.  Super cute.

This project is one I delegated to dear ol’ Dad.  Thanks Geo!  From what I understand, it was a bit tricky making the groove for the paper to sit just so.  We were able to use Silly Putty to help the cards stand upright.  (As you can see, we also named our tables instead of numbering them.  And yes, I heart Harry Potter.)



Guest book:  I knew early on that I didn’t want to take the traditional route with a guest book.  Kinda boring, not too personal.  I also knew that my bestie strongly disliked her approach with guests signing a matted picture (“Seriously, where the frig am I going to hang THAT?!”  she would say – lol).  My idea derived from the trending “wishing tree” where guests offer a word of advice, or other personal message of their choosing.

For our guestbook, I scanned/cropped/manipulated images into black and white vintage-looking pictures that represented Ray and I.  These images related to design, cycling, outdoor adventures, nature, etc.  Each card was cut to fit plastic sheets for baseball card collections.  The book itself was a 3 ring binder (I got on sale) that my mom covered with linen and lace.


Ring pillow:  Speaking of linen and lace, this image helped to inspire the design of my ring pillow.  Thanks to Mom for putting it all together for me :)


Seating chart:  I had loved the idea of incorporating oversized picture frames into the wedding.  Whether these were used for general décor, photo-booth, or something else, I started looking early.  Empty brand-new picture frames were more than I wanted to spend.  It was a visit to my favorite Goodwill where I struck gold.  The painting was an original on canvas with a solid frame around it.  The frame had a few nicks, but those could be sanded/covered easily enough with paint.  The painting itself was absolutely hideous.  But!  I only paid $2.99 for it.

The original plan was to use chalkboard paint to turn this ghastly painting into a lovely seating chart.  Since we were short on time, we ended up with a flat black paint and white paint pen instead.  The results were amazing!   Anyone looking for a chalkboard-effect should definitely use the paint pen instead (trust me, I used chalk to make the menu).  The paint pen is smoother, crisper, and doesn’t smudge.  To help get it right the first time, I essentially used a carbon copy technique described in this Pin, with the paint pen as my final step.


I think that just about wraps up the majority of my wedding DIY projects.  Hopefully you had fun and perhaps picked up an idea or two!

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